Thursday, October 29, 2009


Blogcatalog was formed in the year 2004. Its aim was to help out other webmasters and web publishers. This was mainly created for bloggers I mean people which are running blogs but later on Blogcatalog it self became a online earner. If you are blogger and you are having some problem in running your blog than you can visit Blogcatalog to solve your problem. I was having a bit problem in getting backlinks and link exchange for my sites but believe me that my problem was solved in few minutes. I got nearly 20 backlinks and 15 link exchanges for other sites. This increased my search engine ranking as well as my daily traffic. First of all you have to create a account at Blogcatalog and you have to submit your blog there. After submission approval time will start this might take some time.
Once your blog is approved traffic will automatically come to your blog, as you will update your blog, you will get better ranking in Blogcatalog’s directory. You can contact with other bloggers and can get a proper solution of your problem. There is a blog directory available at Blogcatalog, you can visit that directory and go through others blogs. By this you will get to know the right way of running your blog. So visit Blogcatlog and get a kick start to your online earning and as well as get more traffic to your blog in no time.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Uploading Videos

Uploading videos is one of the most effective way of increasing you web traffic as well as increasing your link popularity. It was not focused few years ago when online video providing sites were launched. Now many webmasters have focused on uploading videos. You might be thinking that how you can get web traffic by uploading videos. I have answer of this question. To get traffic by video first you should have a original video, which is recorded by your own bearing hands. After this you should edit that video and during editing you have to paste you sites url in the sidebars of the video. By this when ever your video will be viewed your sites url will appear and users will visit your site automatically.
If you don’t know online video providing sites than don’t worry I will help you out. The biggest online video providing site with the most number of users is named as YouTube. You can visit this site and can get started with video. If this one is not enough than you can visit Google Videos. These two are the best online video providing sites so get started with both of them. Create accounts on both of these sites, which is quite easy and it takes few seconds only. Hope you understand the right way of uploading videos and get traffic through it.

Link Exchange Directories

Link exchange with other sites gives a big boost to your sites ranking in search engines. Especially Google gives a great credit to link exchange. Link exchange is a problem for most of the webmasters. This shows that they face lots of difficulties when they want to exchange link with other sites. Webmasters which perform link exchange first time they don’t know the right way of doing it. All of them have same complaint that when they send email to other webmasters, they don’t get a serious response from them. The best solution of this problem is that they should use Link exchange directories. From past few years link exchange directories are also formed by some expert webmasters.
In those directories all the sites are submitted which want to exchange link and the owners of those sites contact with each other to exchange link. This service makes link exchange easier and it also saves lots of time. I have gone through some of link exchange directories and they are named as linkmarket and These both directories are named as the best link exchange directories I have also used them to exchange links and they are every easy to use. I have been using these directories for past few months and daily I receive 10-20 link exchange requests. You should also visit these directories and you will get huge number of link exchange requests.


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