Monday, August 31, 2009

Seo tools

For a proper SEO some tools were required and they were first invented by Google. These tools were for helping out web publishers so that they can provide a good quality work. These tools were able to indicate lots of interesting things which were not seen at any other search engine before. Some of the tools were installed in Google tool bar such as page rank, site crawl and auto filler. Page rank was first offered by Google this tools was used rank site in Google index. SEO tool were for better work today and for future.
Many web masters didn’t paid full attention towards the tools but after some time they started using it when they noticed that they were useful. Some site and blogs were also published which were offering SEO tools but the best site which was offering SEO tools was Google Adwords it had each and every tool. All the tools were advanced and easy to use. There were hundreds of tools which are only available at Adwords. Afterwards some software’s were also introduced which were for SEO. These tools helped web masters and saved lots of time. They were also to check their future Adsense earning and back links and results were 100% accurate. Videos were also recorded for making use of SEO tools easier.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Site crawl and crawl rate

Google is the biggest search engine and you have to get your site or blog crawled by Google. If you are working for Google Adsense then it is most important thing because without this you can’t earn a single cent. How you can check that your site has been crawled by Google or not? For checking this you have to install Google tool bar. In the tool bar their is a option of page rank by clicking on that option three more option would appear. Simply click on first one Cached snapshot of page and you will get to know that your site has been crawled or not. Submit your site or blog to msn directory and yahoo because they also drive traffic to your site. Once your site has been submitted to the index of Google, Msn and Yahoo your crawling work has been finished and your site is ranked in the index according to its content. Other search engines don’t care about the content but Google does. If you write content daily on your site or blog than Google will crawl your site on daily basis and it’s a excellent thing for your site because it gives better rank day by day.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Link building and Article directory

For a successful site or blog link building is very important. Numbers of people think that it is not important part but link building is very important part of SEO. 40% for SEO depends on link building. People have created link directories only for this reason that they provide link to other sites and blogs and link directory earns a heavy income it self. Many web masters have converted their sites to link directories because of heavy income. Creating a link directory is site or blog is very hard because it also requires lots of hard work. Always add your site on good page link directory because it creates a quality link and avoid adding on low page rank link directories. Creating a group at Face book of your site or blog also gives a quality back link to your site and it would also help in driving towards your site. Lens and hug pages are also important part of link building. The most interesting thing in making group, lens and hub page is that they are permanent links for your site or blog.
Article directories are similar to link directories the only difference is that you have to submit article for getting a link from that directory. Link directory is not a chain of link building it means that you can’t get two links or more from one directory. In article directory if any user copies your article and pastes on the other site then it creates another link form that site but in link directory there is nothing like that. Both of the directories are important for site or blog but I would prefer that to write article and submit them or directory because it activates more links.

Getting Google Page Rank

Getting a good page rank in has been a serious problem for all the web publishers from a long time. Today many web publishers are suffering only because of low page rank. Blog masters don’t take this point seriously but it is an important one. A good page rank for a blog is 3 to 4 but for a proper web site 4 to 6 is a good page rank. Having a good page is a great advantage for the web site as well as for the web master because it adds extra income in your earning and your site is ranked well. The question still remains the same that how to get a better page rank? To get a good page rank you have to follow some steps they are totally related to your web site.
“I have said this point in other posts and I am repeating them again that your site should have king content”. This means that your site or blog should be full of content because Google loves content sites. After content link building comes your site should have at least 3000 active links to get a page rank of 3. Submit your site to link directories and exchange link with other site which fall in some category as your one. Keep one thing in mind that you don’t submit your site on low page rank link directories because it gives a bad impression on search engines. Page rank is updated by Google after some months. Please don’t keep this thing in your mind that page rank is updated everyday.

Creating a successful blog

To create a successful blog some important tips should be followed. You should choose a small url it means that your url should have less letters as possible. It makes easy for the users to keep the address in their mind. Then comes the blog title you should choose niche tile for the blog which is not available on any other blog or site. After the blog title you have to choose keywords for the blog and again they should be niche and check that they are searched by the users or not. You can check them by Google keyword tool.
This will help users to find your blog easily. It would take some time to find niche title and keywords but they are very useful for creating money making blog. Writing content is the best tip for making your blog a successful one. You should write king content for your blog because it helps in getting good rank in search engines. With content should also start writing articles and submit them on article directories which will create link for your blog. Keep writing content forever because it will take your blog towards success. Don’t copy paste the content from other sites or blog because this will get your blog banned in all the search engines. So please avoid these types of activities because they are not good for your blog. Your content should be 100% original written by yourself.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to add Adsense on Blogger?

Blogger has provided many facilities with their web page one the best facility is Google Adsense which is an online many making program. Most of the people find difficult to add Adsense on there blog but it is not. Mainly there are two ways of adding Adsense to blog . First one is log on to your Blogger account and choose option layout. In layout there would be many option but you simply click at add a gadget. There you will find add Adsense click on that option and you can manage your ad there.
After management your ad would be visible at your blog. The second way is also very simple and similar to the first one. You have to log on to your Google Adsense accont and have to manage you ad e.g. the color, size and type etc. After finishing your management they will give you ad code. You have to copy the provided code from Adsense and paste in you Bloggers html. In Blogger settings choose add a gadget in that add html option would be given there you have to paste the copied Adsense ad code. These were the two ways of adding Adsense ad to your blog.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to change blog template?

Template is the web page design or blog design which is provided by the Blogger. It is a great help it almost finishes 40% for the work while creating a website. If you make a proper website with dot com in the end then the designing would take lots of time but when creating a blog deigns or themes are already provided. It is a great plus point of creating a blog. The question still remains the same how to change the blog template? You have to follow some simple steps for changing the template.
Log on to your blogger account and click on layout it would visible under the blog title. After clicking layout than there would be four options displaying on your page one of them would be pick a new template. Click on that option and choose your favorite template which goes well with your blog. After the new template if you are still not satisfied with its fonts and colors than you can also edit them and make them suitable for your blog. Font and color option would be also available in layout. This was the last sep and your changing blog template, font and colors would be completed and you will get a totally new blog.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


When creating a web page for earning a handsome amount there are some points which should be kept in notice while developing the web page. SEO it stands for Search Engine Optimization it is applied on the web page which enables the page to get the top ranking in Google and other search engines. SEO means to get the best ranking and taking your site or web page on the top. It is applied on each and every site because everyone wants that his or her site should be on the top of the ranking. There are some points which should be followed while optimizing the site. Link building is important for each and every web site it creates an other option or title for your web site by which users can easily go to your web site or web page.
There are two types of link building one is called internal link building and the other is known as external link building both of them are very useful while creating a successful web page. Try to build quality links with good web sites which have a good page rank and submit your site to quality directories. Meta tags are also important they are attached in the html of site this enables the search engine to find your site easily. Niche keywords are the main tool of SEO you should find the niche keyword which is mostly searched by the users and it is not available in the search engine. Try to find the best ones because it would bring direct traffic to your site. Article submission should be done on regularly on article directories.
Your site should have quality content which is 100% original written by your self. Google ranks those on the top which have original content it is not copied from anywhere else in other words Google loves content. Keep writing content forever and believe me you will start earning a handsome amount.

How to create a blog?

Blogger is a totally free service which enables users to create free web pages. These pages can be used for any purpose for earning money, promotion of a product or anything else. People have many different uses for creating a web page on Blogger. Many people would be thinking that it would difficult to create a web page on Blogger but it is not. It is very easy to create a web page. You have to follow some steps some easy steps to create a web page on Blogger.

First log on to and click on the option create a blog after these two steps. Fill the required information which contains email address and a password for your blog this will create a blogger account. Next step is to name your blog and give it a title. Here you will choose your blogger address and it would be verified in some seconds. Last step is to pick a template for your blog and then you can start you blogging.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Google Adsense And Blogger

Almost each and everyone in this world love to have something for free. Many people can’t effort to buy hosting for making a website. So when this thing came into notice then blogger was introduced. In blogger you can create a web page and can earn money from it. If you want to create a web page log on to Google Adsense and blogger both were attached together to make it easy. One of them provided Ads and the other one offered free web pages in other words it is called blogger. Many other online projects were opened but they all failed in front of Google Adsense.
Blogger provides all the services which are available in registered sites. Google Adsense and Blogger both were promoted for making money online. The most important and interesting thing was that this all was free of cost. Not a single cent is charged on Google Adsense or on Blogger. Introducing Blogger with Google Adsense was a boost for the users because now they were able to create web pages for free. A blog is very similar to the other sites. The only difference is that in the end of bloggers url is added otherwise all the other thing are same and blogger is very easy to use. Google Adsense and Blogger both together have got lots of users because they provide a good service to their users.

Google Adsense Money Making Program

Google started the online money making project few years ago which was named as Google Adsense and it was very successful. People took a great interest in working online and earning money. Google Adsense provided a home work to people who loved working at home. It was one of the fast and best way of earning money. It allowed web publishers to display ads on their websites and when a user used to click on their ad the web publisher would earn money from that click. Those ads are named as Ads by Google. Google Adsense money making project has helped people in many ways. People adopted this way very quickly because it is another way to earning an extra income or doing a part-time job. When website publishers want to advertise their site or they want to promote their product then they also use Google Adsense. This is another benefit to the web publishers.
Today millions of people work on Google Adsense for earning money and Google has responded them well. There are many other online programs but Google is best among them because it has most number to users and searches. Google also introduced Google Adwords which is totally related to Adsense it has got lots of tools which are for helping the web publishers. How to start Google Adsense program? There are some simple steps:
Login to
You are a new user so click sign up to create a new account
Fill up the information which is required
And get started GOOD LUCK!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Making Money Online

Today most of the people love to work home instead of working in office or anywhere else. This is all because a new trend of online money making has been introduced. It has been captured by people very early. Online money making process was mainly started in 1993 when their was lots of un-employnment. So people followed this path of Online Money Making because people wanted money so they choosed this way of income in other words it is also called Easy Income. When this thing came into notice than many new companies were introdued they provided online money making opportunities which was a plus point for online workers. If we notice today there are more than 18% people working online. It was also choosen by some people as a part time job to add an extra income.
People also started money making internet business and it isn't really that much different than a traditional real world company. Both begin with a dream and a plan and both need certain elements to be successful. For example, most businesses fail in the first couple of years because of lack of capital. There just wasn't enough money invested in the venture or the money wasn't appropriately managed. Whatever the case, the cash flow dries up and the venture comes to an end. Businesses might also fail because of lack of knowledge or experience. There are many sites which are offering online money but some of them are spams. Do'nt ever work for a spam site because it would not give you any type of income. There are some great sites which offer online money making opportunities and they are 100% ture and approved one of the site is known as Google.


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