Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tips for getting top Google Ranking

It has been a huge problem for some webmasters in getting top Google ranking which gives them low online income. This annoys them when they have done lots of hard work and still they are having a low Google ranking. This effects their earning a lot. If your site is ranked in top 10 than it would be best for you. Than there will be more than thousand visitors a day visiting your site and those thousand visitors will enable you to earn more than $80 a day which is a handsome earning. To earn that $80 a day you have to correct some things in your website. First of all your site should have niche keywords this means that you should offer those things which people are searching and it is not available on internet but don’t do use keyword every where this increases your keyword density which is not good for your site. Write interesting things on your site which automatically grabs the user and user spends time on your site. Start exchanging links with other sites which are related to your ones.
This will increase your links as well as your page rank and usually sites having more than 4 are ranked in top Google ranking. I suggested same tips to some of mine friends and there site is now ranked in top Google ranking and they are earning more than $80 a day because they done more hard work on there site. You should also try these tips on your blog or site and believe me you will see a great change in your daily income. Just stick to these points and work hard and I guarantee you that you will be able to get top Google ranking in few days

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Advantages of Twitter

Twitter is a private social networking site which was founded in 2006 and it has its headquarters in USA. In twitter users send tweets to each other which are in form of SMS or short posts. This is displayed on home page of each follower who is following you. Today twitter is ranked in top 50 websites in the world. Twitter has got 7 million unique monthly and 60 million visitors monthly and this enables the publisher to earn a handsome amount. It was estimated that twitter earned nearly $450,000 in first six months of year 2009. Twitter has a monthly growth of 1400 percent which is even more than FaceBook. It was one the fastest growing online social networking site and today most of the people spend there day by chatting on twitter. Many bloggers and webmaster used twitter to promote there blogs and sites. Even today 70% of users at twitter are webmasters or bloggers.
It is very easy to use twitter first you have to create an account at twitter and then you have to follow people which are member of twitter. Those members will then automatically follow you and then you can discuss any type of topic with them. If you are a webmaster or blogger and you have joined twitter to drive traffic to your website then please don’t forget to write your sites url at the end of every SMS. Don’t follow more than 20 people a day because it would lead your account to be banned. Write more than 20 tweets a day with url in the end because it would drive a huge number of traffic to your website. In first 2-3 months your traffic rate through twitter would be quite low as you will be having not more than 500 followers. At twitter 500 followers are nothing to drive huge traffic you should have more than 10,000 followers. I know that it would take sometimes but when you reach this mark you will see a huge gap of change in your traffic as well as in your earning.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Get Traffic by YouTube

YouTube is one of the greatest online video serving site which was established on 15 February by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. Huge amounts were invested in channel of YouTube and it gave boost start to the site which was good news for the investors and for publishers. On 16 July it was noticed that 100 million videos were viewed daily at YouTube and 65000 videos were uploaded on daily basis. YouTube is among the top 10 sites of the world with greatest number of visitors. On 9 October 2006, it was announced that Google had purchased YouTube for nearly $1.65 million.
From that date Google is still running YouTube very respectively. There are many advantages to uploading video to YouTube the greatest advantage is that you can promote your website or blog with the help of YouTube. Today numbers of webmasters are using YouTube to do this and believe me that it is very useful. Online money making sites and blogs can also use this way to get huge number of visitors. How you can get visitors from YouTube to your blog or website? First you have to create account at YouTube and then start uploading videos on YouTube. While uploading video on YouTube there is an option of video description. In that description you have to enter your sites or blogs url which will drive users from YouTube to your site and you will see increase in the number of visitors of your site.
Always upload those videos which are related to your site e.g. if your site is about cars then you should upload videos of cars otherwise you will lose interest of your visitors and number of visitors would decrease rapidly. By this method you can get 1000 of visitors a day if you work hard on daily basis otherwise it would bring a single visitor. So use this way on daily basis and increase your visitors and online earnings.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Get Traffic by Facebook

Facebook is an online community in which you can make friends, chat, play games and spent leisure time easily. In past few years Facebook wasn’t focused by internet users. At that time orkut was used by generation but as the time pasted there was less privacy available on orkut so users converted to Facebook which seemed a better option at that time because it had lots of privacy. The question is that how can you drive traffic to your website by using Facebook? Yes you can drive traffic to your website by Facebook it is easy but it will take some time to react. First of all you have to create group of your site on Facebook which is pretty easy. Option of creating group is available at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to write your sites url in the given space provided by the group.
After this step start joining groups related to your ones e.g. if your group is related computers then you should join groups related to computers and technology and start posting messages on wall of groups but keep one thing in mind that don’t post more than 4 messages. By this step you will get number of visitors. The second step to bring on traffic is that to edit your profile information and place your sites url this would be visible to all of your friends. Many webmasters ignore these types of online communities. You can also create boxes and pages related to your website which will help in getting traffic. Facebook is one the biggest online community which has more than million users a day and if you are able get 1000 of those to your site than it would be great for your site and believe me you can earn more than $100 a day by those 1000 users. Try this and I am sure that you will get success in getting more traffic to your website

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Commenting on other blogs

Commenting on other blogs is also an other way to bring traffic on your blog. Many bloggers use this way to increase there traffic as well as there visitors. When you comment on other blogs posts and blog owners goes through it then he or she will visit your blog if you have given the url of your blog at the end of you comment otherwise not. To drive visitors on your blog you should at least comment on 10-12 blogs a day. These types of visitors doesn't increase your earning because they visit your blog to comment on your posts. Postings comments daily on other blogs can drive tons of traffic to your blog. Commenting on other blogs is also an important seo tip especially for new bloggers because they require visitors. New blogs and unsuccessful blog should adopt this technique very quickly.
Successful blogs usually ignore this point because already they have huge number of visitors and there earning is also good. On which type of blogs should we comment? This is simple an important question and its answer is also very simple. You should only comment on those blogs which are related to your blog. If your blog and other blog are not of same category than don't comment. If you do than its a total time waste it wouldn't bring visitors to your blog because they both are of different fields. Don't comment on those blogs which are in different language I mean that if language of your blog and the other blog don't match than don't comment. Don't comment on more than 10-12 blogs a day because if this thing comes in notice than blogger would create a problem for you in future. Believe me apply this seo tip on your blog and you will see a great change in your visitors and page views. These little tips will change your blog into a successful one.

Success Story Of Adsense

Hello my name is John Awards and I am a 19 years old student. I completed my schooling from UK and recently I am living in USA. My family conditions were very good because my dad was earning a handsome income, me and my family members living a luxurious life. My other two brothers are elder than me as I was the youngest family member. My pocket money was $200 that amount was good enough for me because I was just a student. I wanted to earn something to make my life better an better. So I decided to get a job but my age was not up to there required mark. At that time I was just 16 years old when I applied for job first time. I spent two months searching for job but I couldn't find even one. My neighbor told me that there are online jobs on internet which are performed by working at home.
I searched on internet about online jobs and I was able to find some. Those jobs required registration fee before they post you the job. I needed the job so I paid $100 which was the fee. After this the company didn't posted me the job. They never replied to my message they totally ignored me and after 2-3 weeks they posted me a message and it that message it was clearly written that they didn't received the fee. I was very upset because half of my pocket money was wasted. One day in sunday magazine I saw ad of Google Adsense which was another online money making program. First I thought that it would be same one as before. When I searched on internet about Google Adsense then I saw many excellent reviews about Adsense. So I decided to work for Google Adsense.
The best thing about Google Adsense was that they didn't required any fee for work. I started searching on internet about Google Adsense. After searching few days I got to know that What is Google Adsense and how it works? I created wordpress site and Google Adsense account. my blog was related to crafts and I placed Google ads on it. When ever a user would click on those ads than Google would pay me for that. My earning took a slow start it was nearly $35 per month and it was good for me I was earning something rather than loosing as I did before. As the time pasted my earning was getting better and better as I wanted. On 28-March-2007 I received my first earning of $175. I was very happy because I earned something myself.
If you want to start work at Google Adsense then you need to be hard working and should never give up if you earn a low income. To be a successful blogger you should read terms and conditions of Google Adsense very carefully because they mater a lot many people have got there accounts banned because they ignored the terms and conditions.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Success Story

Many people don’t believe in making money online because in some past years many fake sites have broken trust of people when it comes to make money online. Google Adsense, scriptlance and getafreelancer are 100% original online money making programs. They have got lots of success stories Google Adsense has changed many simple lives into successful ones. I have got such story in which Google Adsense changed life of a simple person.
“Hi my name is Andrew Pains I am 31 years old and I belong to America. One year ago I was very upset because I had no opportunities in my life and couldn’t earn a single penny. It annoyed me a lot as I was the eldest person in home and I wanted to earn some thing to run my home properly. I told my whole story to my friend and he gave me advice of earning money online. He told me to work for Google Adsense which is the best money making program and it has got lots of potential. I started working from 12-feb-2008 and first I created a blog related to furniture. I placed simple Google ads on my blog and applied SEO on by blog by getting information from internet. In first few months my earning through Google ads was just few dollars. In first month I earned nearly $80 and same in the second month.

It was good because it was better than earning nothing and sitting idol at home. I was happy with my first earning because I never earned a single cent in my life. As the time pasted I worked more and more on my blog because I wanted to earn more from my blog. I especially focused on my blogs content my blog had lots of content, it was in good quality and it was totally related to my blog. I didn’t copy any content from any other site or blog. Today it has been mote than one year that I am working for Google Adsense and believe me that today in one month I am earning more than $500. My whole life is changed because by working for Google Adsense. I will continue to work for Google Adsense because it is the best online money making program.
If you are also having a problem in earning money than try Google Adsense once and believe me you will be able to earn a handsome income but be honest in your work and work hard to get success.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Channel ads

Channel ads are important for a site or for a blog because they provide information about the ad e.g. they let you that how many times that particular ad was viewed and how many users clicked on that ad. This is not the only advantage of adding channel ads to your blogs or sites. You can add as many as ad channels as you want there is no limit it depends on how many ads you want to display on your site but Google gives a limit of 3 ads per page more than that. You can manage your channel ads in your Google Adsense account. You can pick and size any color of your choice which you think that is best for your site and they match with each other. After management Google Adsense will provide you a code and you simply have to copy, paste the code in the html of your blog or site.
Nearly after 10-15 minutes your new channel ad will be activated. A question still remains in mind that by adding channel ads will traffic increase? With the use of channel ads your traffic will surely increase. Channel ads gives targeted ads for your site e.g. if your site is related to cars than only ads related to cars would appear at your site and it increases your clicking rate and with the increasing clicking rate your earning would definitely increase.
You can’t say that it gives a boost to your earning but some how it increases it by nearly by 10%. I know that its a little increase but these little changes make you a good blogger or a web master. So to prove yourself that you are good web master apply these steps also on your blog and I guarantee that you will see change in your earning as well as in your traffic.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Driving Traffic To Your Blog To Earn Online

For new bloggers driving traffic to their blog has been a serious problem for a long time. Many of the bloggers have also left blogging only because of this reason. Everyone wants a high traffic because without traffic a blog can’t run it’s useless without traffic. If there is traffic on blog then only you will be able to earn a handsome amount otherwise your account will remain in some cents and none of the blogger wants that his or her account should remain in cents. It makes annoyed when you have done a lot of work on your blog but still you are having a low traffic rate per day. There are few simple tips and steps which can bring a heavy traffic towards your blog if they are used properly on blog otherwise not. First of all discuss only site on online forums and on social sites this brings a heavy number of interested users to blog. Don’t write sentences like please visit my blog because it doesn’t looks good because the users thinks that the person is aiming them as his traffic. By these of sentences sometimes they don’t visit your blog.
Write decent type of sentences e.g. Hello...I have gone through your site it is a good one because it has got lots of interesting things in it. Visit my one. These types of sentences attract users and they will visit your blog. Create account at twitter.com and start working on it. Twitter is also an online forum which allows open discussion you can discuss you blog over there and drag users towards your blog it’s the easiest way of bringing traffic. Bloggers find a bit difficult in submitting blog to link directories because for proper directory links you must have more than 3000 link directory list. I will make this thing also easy for you.
You can use different software for submitting links to directories. I have been using DigiXMAS link directory software it works great and it’s so easy to use. All you have to do is create a profile for each site and fill the given information and your submission will be started. The most interesting thing about this software is that directory list is already given there are more than 1000 directories in the software and other directories you can download from internet and they will be free of cost. Apply these steps on your blog properly and just check the difference in your traffic. Along with traffic your earning will also improve because more the traffic more the earning.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Targeted Traffic and Random

Traffic is the most important thing for a website because without traffic a website can’t run. Websites and blogs only run with the help of traffic and this enables them to earn a handsome income. There are two types of traffic they are named as targeted traffic and random traffic. E.g. If you have a website related to cars and bike than you require traffic which is finding information about cars and bike because they will only spend time in your website or blog and this will earn you some dollars. This is called targeted traffic in this users get what they want. How to get targeted traffic? Submit your site or blog to those categories in which they fall. Categories should be accurate and matching with your site or blog e.g. for cars and bike site the accurate category is automotive.
Write content on your site which is related to your main topic of website e.g. in cars and bikes website you can write about engines, brakes and tires. Related content will only bring targeted traffic to your site or blog. The other traffic is random traffic. Random traffic is which comes to your site randomly they were not searching for your site but they visit your site randomly. These type of incidents take place when you submit your site of many different categories. E.g. you have a site related to furniture and if you submit your site to automotive category than random traffic would come to your site.
This is the main difference between random traffic and targeted traffic. If there are 10 users of random traffic and 2 users of targeted traffic even than the number of targeted traffic is better because those 2 users will spend time on your site and the random ones will not because they haven’t been searching for your site. As the targeted traffic spends time on site they also click on your ads which increase your income. So keep one thing in mind that focus on targeted traffic rather than random.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Online forums and Social sites

Online forums and social sites are basically formed for online discussion between people. There you can help each other in finding solution of a problem. Online forums and social sites both are very similar to each other because they have same work. Each and every user there has an answer or a question related to some topic. These sites don’t have only one topic to be discussed but keep this thing in mind that don’t discuss topics like drugs and nude things otherwise you can discuss anything you want its up to you. Each and every topic is discussed there every day and night. If you are a web master than these websites will help you a lot in bringing traffic to your website.
Social sites and online forums have great number of users because everyone has problems and they come here to discussion them to get a good solution. Webmasters can visit these sites and get solution of their problem e.g. he is having problem in driving traffic to website. This topic will be discussed among the users and they will tell you the right solution for this problem. There are many experienced users in online forums and there advice can change your problem into a solution in just few seconds. Basically it is a group discussion among all the users to find a perfect solution. All you have to do is to post a message on the board and as the users view them they will reply on them.
Sometimes posting messages can be turned into advertisement. You can give your sites url in the message and users view your sites, so by advertisement your number of traffic also increases. Post a attractive message on the board which drags users towards your site. Write eye catching captions, titles and description. Some online discussion boards allow you to leave text and graphic links at the end of your messages this is a good way of bringing traffic.
There are three types of messages which can be posted they are named as informative comments, ask question and answer question. Each and every thing on these sites are for free they don’t charge a single penny for there service. One of such site which I know is iwebtool.com. It’s a great site it is especially designed for web masters you can find lots of SEO tools and important tips. Online discussion is its best thing user’s reply on messages in blink of an eye. You can check you page rank, alexa ranking, back links, adsense calculator, available domains and many more.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Top 10 paying keywords

While earning money online by blog or by a website some little points should be kept in mind because sometimes they make a big difference in earning and traffic. I am talking about keywords you should choose niche keywords which have a low competition on internet. Niche keywords are bit difficult to find because there are many other web master looking for them. So it will take some time in finding niche keywords but when you find them then you will get lots of traffic on your site. Your earning will also improve with the help on niche keywords. Before picking a keyword check its pay out I mean that check how much will the keyword would pay per click.
This is the most important thing because by this you can change your earning of $1 to $5. There are many tools by which you can check the pay per click rate of a keyword. You can get the tools from internet for free. Google Adwords can help you out in finding niche keywords and they all are for free. Google doesn’t charges a single cent for providing you the keywords. In Google Adwords competition of a keyword in displayed when you search a keyword. Every time choose a keyword which has a competition less than 50,000. Keywords having competition less than 50,000 usually have a high pay per click rate because they are new in internet world. I have collected top 10 high pay per click keywords all of them have more than $7 pay per click.
All of the keywords are free of cost you don’t even need to pay a single cent of keywords. As you will place these keywords in your blog or website your earning will get a boost but only place these keywords on your blog or website if they match with each other. If they don’t match then don’t place. The top 10 pay per click keywords are following:

1. eLoan
2. Equity Line Credit
3. Mesothelioma
4. Refinance Quotes
5. Home Equity Loan
6. Structured Settlements
7. Personal Injury Attorney
8. Term Life Insurance
9. Dedicated Hosting
10. Accident Lawyer

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meta Tags

Meta tags are mainly used by web publishers this is a type of keyword which helps the users in find the website. In other words it can be said that they are search words for your website which help in finding website. Most of the web masters ignore meta tag because they think that they have no use if they go in its detail then they would get to know its right use. At least 20% of your blog or site promotion depends on meta tags because they are the ones which drag your site in top rankings.
Setting meta tags for a site or for blog takes no time even less than 5 minutes and it improves your earning a lot. These small points enable web publishers to create huge websites. The question is that how to add meta tags to your site or blog? These tags are installed in your blog html it is a type of code which is placed in it. Meta tags are placed under the head of html between title codes.
Place your description, keywords and author name in the given place and submit the code. You will get your meta tags activated on your sites and this will drive more traffic to your site or blog. People have many other type of thinking about meta tags but they all are waste of time. Meta tags are one of the most important seo tool which are recently used by web masters.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest money making project it is said to be the first one. In countries like United States and England many people don’t like to get out of home for shopping purpose. From only this point affiliate marketing got a boost start. People started using internet for buying things and this all was done on websites. Affiliate marketing has grown quickly since its inception. Online workers started creating websites and they linked their websites with the other which were providing the product. Some of product providing sites are named as Amazon.com, ebay.com and clickbank.com. In February 2000, Amazon announced that it had been granted a patent (6,029,141) on all the essential components of an affiliate program.When ever a product was sold then the seller would pay a commission on the sale. The commission was nearly 15% for the price of the project. It was becoming expensive for the online workers to buy a new website every time for a new product so they started their work on Blogger.com and Wordpress.com these both sites were free of cost they didn’t even charged a single cent for creating a web page. Google Adsense has no connection with affiliate marketing they both fall in different fields. Most of the sales were made in United Kingdom and United States this shows that number of customers are available in both of these countries.
The most number of freelancers and online workers are available in Aisa. In affiliate marketing there is a connection between seller, broker and buyer. From these three you are the broker because you provide a service to them and for that you charge a commission. This is decided before the work is done by the broker. After a blog or a site is created for affiliate marketing than it also needs seo because without it the site or blog can’t be promoted for sale. You can earn a handsome income on affiliate marketing if you search is accurate it means that you found those products that are highly searched by the customers and they have a less competition on internet. You can find and check products by Google Adwords which is great seo and affiliate marketing tool.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Data entry and Other

Data entry is money making project this enables users to earn money by working at home. It is different from Google Adsense and other online money making programs. In data entry you have to enter the given data is some files or folders. For doing this work the project owner pays the worker according to the work and hourly rate. The rates and prices are set before the project is started by the worker. Some sites are published which provide data entry work and many other working opportunities. This decreases un-employment and more people and internet users are able to work at home. In data entry work the workers in other words are called freelancers. Data entry requires focus, experience, concentration, hard work and some find the work exhausting and even challenging to the body. Some big site which provides this work is named as Getafreelancer.com and Scriplance.com these sites have got many users and lots of work for the users.
These sites have a fee which is deduced from the freelancers and project owners when a project bid is won by a freelancer. The rest of the amount is paid by the project owner when the project is completed. Rentacoder.com is also a similar site but not popular as the other two listed above. These sites have other work also e.g. accounting, photo, link building, writing, blogging, wordpress, marketing and many others. So it depends on you that in which of these fields are you qualified and are able to work. Freelancers need to be qualified in many fields to earn a handsome income because there is not only one type of project. The most important thing which is noticed by the project owner is that the freelancer is punctual or not because the owner wants the project in the given time and this is also decided when project is won by a freelancer. Winning and losing of a project is totally based on biding the lower you bid the more you win. If a freelancer doesn’t submits the project in the given time than the project is canceled by the owner and it gives a bad rank in the freelancers list.
In future it creates a problem in getting the project if you have a low rank or bad reviews. To get a project early bid lower and work hard on the project which adds experience and good reviews to your account. Afterwards you will get better project because of good reviews and than it won’t matter that how much you bid. Then the project owner or provider will pay you as much you want for the project. In Getafreelancer.com there is a number of bids which you can post they are nearly 15 bids per month for a normal freelancer but if you are a golden member than you can bid on more than 160 projects. You only have to pay $12 per month to get golden membership.

Other Money Making Programs

There are also some other money making programs. Today there are more than 85% of people earning through Google Adsense and the rest of 15% are earning form data entry and other programs. They were created after Google’s money making program the successful one’s after Google are Msn and Yahoo. Msn and Yahoo both were not as successful as Google because they required fee form users for starting the program and Google required not cent for starting the program this was the main reason why it was successful than others. Web masters started the other programs but after some time they converted to Google because of less earning. Some sites were also created e.g. Hub pages, Squidoo and Nachofoto they provided online money making opportunity by Google ads.
The point is again the same that some popular sites also offered Google for making money online. Even these sites earn revenue through because their publishers also know that Google provides best money making service. Google Adsense is basically an online advertising program which enables publishers to earn money. Google Adsense was founded in 1998 in Los Angeles. Google Adsense have many other types of earning tools such as Adsense for content, Adsense for feeds, Adsense for search and Adsense for video. They all are created by Google for giving more opportunities to publishers for earning a better amount. Other programs don’t offer such opportunities like Google does.

Improve Adsense earning

All web master gets annoyed when there is no increase in their Adsense earning. Every web master wants to increase his or her Adsense earning. To increase Adsense earning web masters and publishers has to follow some easy steps these step will take there Adsense towards success. These steps will increase your Adsense earning form 30 to 40%. Steps are related to quality content, groups, ads management and their colors. You need to submit at least 300 words article to your website or blog daily. This content should be good in quality with proper grammar and it should be totally related to your site or blog. This will enable your site to be crawled at daily basis.
Never ever place a Google ad at the bottom of your sites page because some times users are not able to view it so it decreases the clicking chances. Google only allows 3 content ads and 1 link unit ad per page but it doesn’t means that you have to post 4 ads per page. Post only 2 ads per page because more than two ads per page give a bad impression on the users they think that this blog or site is being created for money making purpose. Now comes the color and front of ad, keep one thing in mind that always match the sites template color with the ads color. This step makes your ad similar with your content and it benefits your Adsense earning.


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