Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting Google Page Rank

Getting a good page rank in has been a serious problem for all the web publishers from a long time. Today many web publishers are suffering only because of low page rank. Blog masters don’t take this point seriously but it is an important one. A good page rank for a blog is 3 to 4 but for a proper web site 4 to 6 is a good page rank. Having a good page is a great advantage for the web site as well as for the web master because it adds extra income in your earning and your site is ranked well. The question still remains the same that how to get a better page rank? To get a good page rank you have to follow some steps they are totally related to your web site.
“I have said this point in other posts and I am repeating them again that your site should have king content”. This means that your site or blog should be full of content because Google loves content sites. After content link building comes your site should have at least 3000 active links to get a page rank of 3. Submit your site to link directories and exchange link with other site which fall in some category as your one. Keep one thing in mind that you don’t submit your site on low page rank link directories because it gives a bad impression on search engines. Page rank is updated by Google after some months. Please don’t keep this thing in your mind that page rank is updated everyday.

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