Thursday, October 29, 2009


Blogcatalog was formed in the year 2004. Its aim was to help out other webmasters and web publishers. This was mainly created for bloggers I mean people which are running blogs but later on Blogcatalog it self became a online earner. If you are blogger and you are having some problem in running your blog than you can visit Blogcatalog to solve your problem. I was having a bit problem in getting backlinks and link exchange for my sites but believe me that my problem was solved in few minutes. I got nearly 20 backlinks and 15 link exchanges for other sites. This increased my search engine ranking as well as my daily traffic. First of all you have to create a account at Blogcatalog and you have to submit your blog there. After submission approval time will start this might take some time.
Once your blog is approved traffic will automatically come to your blog, as you will update your blog, you will get better ranking in Blogcatalog’s directory. You can contact with other bloggers and can get a proper solution of your problem. There is a blog directory available at Blogcatalog, you can visit that directory and go through others blogs. By this you will get to know the right way of running your blog. So visit Blogcatlog and get a kick start to your online earning and as well as get more traffic to your blog in no time.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Uploading Videos

Uploading videos is one of the most effective way of increasing you web traffic as well as increasing your link popularity. It was not focused few years ago when online video providing sites were launched. Now many webmasters have focused on uploading videos. You might be thinking that how you can get web traffic by uploading videos. I have answer of this question. To get traffic by video first you should have a original video, which is recorded by your own bearing hands. After this you should edit that video and during editing you have to paste you sites url in the sidebars of the video. By this when ever your video will be viewed your sites url will appear and users will visit your site automatically.
If you don’t know online video providing sites than don’t worry I will help you out. The biggest online video providing site with the most number of users is named as YouTube. You can visit this site and can get started with video. If this one is not enough than you can visit Google Videos. These two are the best online video providing sites so get started with both of them. Create accounts on both of these sites, which is quite easy and it takes few seconds only. Hope you understand the right way of uploading videos and get traffic through it.

Link Exchange Directories

Link exchange with other sites gives a big boost to your sites ranking in search engines. Especially Google gives a great credit to link exchange. Link exchange is a problem for most of the webmasters. This shows that they face lots of difficulties when they want to exchange link with other sites. Webmasters which perform link exchange first time they don’t know the right way of doing it. All of them have same complaint that when they send email to other webmasters, they don’t get a serious response from them. The best solution of this problem is that they should use Link exchange directories. From past few years link exchange directories are also formed by some expert webmasters.
In those directories all the sites are submitted which want to exchange link and the owners of those sites contact with each other to exchange link. This service makes link exchange easier and it also saves lots of time. I have gone through some of link exchange directories and they are named as linkmarket and These both directories are named as the best link exchange directories I have also used them to exchange links and they are every easy to use. I have been using these directories for past few months and daily I receive 10-20 link exchange requests. You should also visit these directories and you will get huge number of link exchange requests.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ways to Start Free Online Money

There are some important tips which should be followed by each and every person when earning money online. Many people think that earning online is quite easy but it is not. You can make it easy by following some rules and steps. First you should split your work in different parts this will make your work easy and you will start getting success after day by day. E.g. if you are running a automobile site than you can split its work in separate parts like, you can post content one day, second day you can submit links of your site. The second important step that should be followed is that you should check competition of your business.
Now days there are lots of online business competition that’s why it’s important for you to check. How to check the competition? You can get online software’s form internet and you can get information about competition of your business. After this you should get SEO training from am online business centre because it’s very important in optimizing website and getting top search engine ranking. Now SEO training is also available online on internet. Hope you will follow all three steps and I grantee you that you will get success in starting days of your online business.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Free Online Money-Selling Talent Online

If you are not experienced in earning money online through ads or by selling products online on internet than you use another way of earning a heavy income through internet. As many people sell there service to other people and by doing this they are paid. E.g. If you are good artist than you than can sell you your drawings and paintings online with the help of internet. John Marks is a computer hardware specialist and he helps people online in repairing computer. Believe me I repaired my computer myself with the help of John Marks, he’s a great guy. If you have also got a talent than you can earn money online by selling it. There are many sites where people are looking for online workers one of them is rent a coder. You can visit that site and you can get started in few minutes. So now you can earn money online in blink of an eye. You don’t need to spend time in writing content and building your site, and than wait for users to click on your ads. All you need is some talent.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hubpages help you in getting sites publish, it’s another way of promoting you site for free. When you create a hubpage on and after its approval your site gets a link for It’s a great thing that your site gets a free strong link in few minutes. Getting link from is good thing because is among those sites which are increasing there users day by day, this shows that it are a great website. If you are a webmaster and you haven’t created or hubpage then follow these steps and get started now. Fisrt of all take your web browser to and then create a account at hubpages because without creating a account you can do noting. Fill up the required information in the gives form and get your self registered in, so this was your first step. Than click on the option create a hub, after clicking on that option another form will appear, that form will be related to Hub. There you have to fill all the information related to your hub. Keep one thing in your mind that Hub title matters a lot so post an interesting title which grabs users. After one by one there will be different forms and steps. By completing all the steps you hub will be created and you will get a link in few days it depends on approval time. Create a interesting hub that users visit it and you site gets promoted in a better manner. So create your own hubpage and get more visitors daily.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Requirements For Making Money Online

There are some important things which are required for making money online. Each and every person should complete requirements for making money online. In this post I will tell you the requirements of making money online. First of all you have to purchase a computer or a laptop which is the main thing for working online to earn a handsome income. Your computer should be of a good brand because online money making work requires a high sped computer. The second thing required is a broadband internet connection, not the dial up one. Broadband internet connections have high speed internet and they are better for online work, they can convert minutes work into seconds and this is the main thing you require, and your timed will be saved too. Usually all the online money earners have high speed broadband internet connection. Third thing which is required is internet knowledge. You should kwon something about making money online, if you are totally new in this field than it would take some time in learning all the lessons and starting your online making program. Today many webmasters have hired SEO experts which help them in optimizing there sites and blogs because it takes lots of time and you should have knowledge of optimizing site. You have to pay a salary to the SEO expert per month. If you need to hire a SEO expert than you visit and you can post your project there. So this was your fourth requirement of earning money online. You can go through all the requirements and start making money online through internet.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Increasing Page Impressions

Page impression is the number of times your ads are viewed by users. Today many of the webmaster still concentrate on there page impressions than anything else. As your page impressions increase your clicking chances also increase because more ad views will increase more chance of clicks. Some webmasters also have problem in increasing there page impressions, I have written this post to solve there problem. Increasing page impression also increase your earning this is the first thing which you should keep in notice. I will tell you some ways by which you will be able to increase your page impression as well as your online earning. You should palce all your Google Adsense ads on the home page of your website or blog. As the limit of ads are three, so you should palce all your three ads on the home page. You ads should be large so that they you can get more page impressions. Keep one thing in your mind that, don’t place link unit ads on your home page because they are small in size and they pay you when they are clicked two times, so be aware of these ads. Use the leader board ad on the top of your web page because as the users enter you site they view that ad first which increases the page impressions. Many of the webmasters don’t know these tips that’s why they get low page impressions and they earn low income. You can apply these tips on your web site and can get more page impressions daily.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Link Exchange

Link exchange with other sites is very important for a site. It helps you in getting more traffic as well as getting better ranking in search engines like Google. Google loves those sites which have quality links. Link exchange is not the link which you get from link directories. Link exchange is which you get from other sites e.g. if you have a site related to automobiles and another automobile site links his sites with your, its called link exchange. How to exchange links? This is pretty hard for some of webmasters but I will tell you the right way of doing this will decrease your problem. First you have to place the link of that site on your site. After this you will tell the webmaster of that sites that you have placed there link on your website and request them to place you sites link on there site.
This is the right and friendly way of doing link exchange with other sites. Always exchange link with those sites which are of same filed as yours. If you are not satisfied with the first way than you can visit sites which provide service of link exchange one of them which I know is link market. These are free sites and they help you in getting link exchanges. You can get more sites by searching at Google. I personally know some webmasters, they have only exchanged there sites links with others and they are getting tons of traffic daily. So if you are also having problem in getting more traffic or want to get better ranking in search engines than you can use these ways and hope that they turn to be a successful one for you and for others.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Free Online Money By

There are many sites which provide online projects by which many online workers earn a heavy income. The best site which provides this facility is I have gone through this site many times and I have earned online money through it. If you are willing to work online than you can also visit this site and can get started. First you have to create an account at Getafreelancer and than you have to design a interesting profile by which project owners will give you the project. Once you get started with these two steps than I would easy. Projects are daily posted by the owners you have to be online when they are posted because the one comes first gets the project first. This means that the posting time you need to be online. There are many types of projects available at Getafreelancer e.g. if you are an accountant you can get online work of accounts. This is be a part time job for you to earn extra income. Some people find hard to earn money through these projects. This is because they are not professional in any field e.g. if a doctor tries to do a project of accounts than will he be able to do that? It’s impossible. So always take those projects which you can do otherwise it would affect your account. When you will leave a project incomplete than owners will write a bad review about you. This will decrease you chances of getting more projects which you can’t afford.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Free Online Money By is among the biggest job sites in the world after a long research it was found that employees 500 users daily. This means that from all over the world gives work to 500 people daily. It’s a great site if you have ever visited than its usage would be easy for you because they both are same. If you are not able to found any work in your city and you can work online through internet than you can use and can get employed in some days. Another good thing about this site is that it also helps you in getting work in factories, offices and many others. You have to go through some simple step to get a job. First thing is that you have create a account at They will provide you a form and by filling it you will get yourself registered in
Remember one thing at always give your current email address which you are using recently and it’s updated daily by you. After the profile you have to search for project which you can perform well e.g. if you are SEO expert than you should look for SEO project and when you get one than you can post your CV to that project. If you can do more than one job than you can also post CV on the others as well. After this step its all to the project owner that he gives you the project or not. If your CV is all to his mark than definitely he or she will post you the project. You might be thinking about the money I will solve this problem, you will decide your money for the project before you start the project. Go through this site and get your self employed if you are not employed in a good job or you are fed up of your boss.

Some More Blogging Tips To Earn Online

Blogging itself is not a new thing but has given us the ability of conversation with other people around the world. It has proven itself to be extremely effective as its users are getting more day by day. I have got some other ways by which your blog can be said a successful one. You have to apply these tips on your blog and can get your blog in competition with other big blogs. Content is all the game is making a successful blog. Your blog should have good content that the user sticks on that content and spends time on your blog. Keep updating your content daily but if you don’t have time daily than at least give five days from your week to content writing. After this start your conversation with other bloggers you can leave comments on other blogs to start the conversation. When conversation start bloggers will visit your blog daily and you will get number of page views.
Commenting on other blogs is a give and take relationship. Get a good type of conversation with other bloggers because if you will take something boring than he or she wouldn’t contact you again and you can’t afford this thing specially when you are beginner at blogging business. Another way to promote your blog is to enable tell a friend script on the home page of your blog. By this users will spread your blog by sending it to there friends. It’s also another way of advertising blog and its totally free of cost. You will be thinking that from where you will get the script. I can also answer this question, you can go to Google and in the search box write tell a friend script and you will get your in few seconds and that script is also for free.


Backlinks are very important for your website they play an important in driving traffic to website and they also help in ranking your site in top Google listing. Backlinks are like vote for your site. Webmasters who like your site only support your like on there own website. Backlinks matters a lot in getting your site in top ten search results of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn. Many webmasters have problem in checking there backlinks because there are not enough tools to check them. Some webmasters who consider checking backlinks use Google to check them. Remember one thing that links quality also matters a lot if you will have good quality sites linking with yours than you will get better ranking in search engines. If you want to check backlinks of your site and you don’t know the write way of doing this, than go through the following step. Take your web browser to Google and write link:http:// and your url. This will show all of your baclinks. If you want t check your sites backlinks in Yahoo than in the search box write linkdomain and than your web address this will show all your links in Yahoo. Yahoo is the biggest search engine after Google. Volume of links doesn’t matters but the thing matters is the quality. So focus more on quality than the volume. If you want to get detailed links than check your links on Yahoo rather than on Google.

Checking Pay Per Click

Number of webmasters don’t consider to check the pay per click rate of a keyword and number of times it badly effects there online income. The question is that why they don’t check the rate? Its answer is very simple, webmasters don’t check it because there are no sites or tools which gives the information related to pay per click rate of a keyword. After a long research I was able to find a site which provided this thing. I took at least 15 days to find but in the end I was successful. Sites name is Spyfu which gives all the information related to a keyword. This site also provides many other things like advertising competition, related keywords which are mostly searched by people. You can visit this site and get best keywords for your site. Pay per click matters a lot because there are keywords which pay $0.5 per click and there are other keywords which pay $3 per click. To find the keywords which pay $3 you have to use this site. If you have chosen wrong keywords for your site than you can also use Spyfu. It will give you the right keywords you only have to enter you sites url in the gives space at Spyfu. I have seen many webmasters which are suffering only because of this problem it seems to be a little problem but it matters a lot. So before starting your website get the best keywords from Spyfu and give a kick start to your earning. By this you will have to work for little time and you will get tons of online income.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Traffic Importance and Methods

Traffic is the most important concern for all the webmasters and bloggers. Without traffic a good, beautiful and informative site will be useless. There are a lot of different ways to drive traffic to your websites and many of them have been very successful. Unfortunately you have to spend lots of money some times to get targeted traffic to your website. I will tell you some of the free traffic driving methods. One if them is to write a free downloadable ebook. This ebook would be totally related to your website. It should all the things which match your website but there content shouldn’t be the same. Give your sites url in the video and you will get traffic with the link given in your ebook. Your ebook shouldn’t have boring conent this will decrease your ebooks value as well as your sites value.
The second method is to create some different videos which are related to your website and get them uploaded on sites like YouTube and Google Videos. Uploading videos will also create a link of your site on the other sites for free. I got these methods from an SEO expert and these methods proved to be a successful one for me. From ebook I am getting 20% of my total traffic per day, good thing is that the traffic targeted one. From video I get 10% of my traffic usually it is also targeted but the ebook one is better. The remaining 60% of my traffic comes from main search engines like Google and Yahoo, social sites and online communities drive 10% of traffic to my site. Today I am getting 12000 visitors a day and its good enough for me to earn a good income. You can also apply these methods and get tons of traffic.

Free Online Money-Google Adsense Success Story

My name is Mark Edwards and I have left my studies when I was just 16 because of some family problems. I have two sisters both of them are younger than me they also left there studies with me. Today I am 19 years old and few months back I have been working in a leather factory which is located in London. My daily income through factory was not more than $ 20 and it’s not enough for my family and there are no more earning hands in my family .I wanted to earn some extra income by doing a part time job, so that I can run my family properly in a good manner. I disused my problem with one of my partner worker at factory. He told me about Google Adsense online money making program. He was also working for Google Adsense and he was earning a pretty decent income through it. He told me the right way to start work online and I followed him. Some how a got a good start, my first months earning through internet was nearly $70. I worked hard and got $156 in the next month and I received my payment by working only two months. It’s easy to use and the best thing about this program is that it is trust worthy. You can also start making money online through internet. Remember two things that work hard and be honest in this work, believe me that you will get a great start in the beginning.

Mistakes Made By Webmasters

Usually all the webmaster make mistake in the beginning of SEO because they are new at this business but the positive thing of these mistakes are that you learn from your mistakes and learning from mistakes makes a person perfect. The fist mistake which usually webmasters make is that they don’t give the option of contact us at the home page of there website. By this mistake users are not able to contact with the webmaster so avoid this mistake because sometimes other webmasters try to contact with you for linking both sites, but when they found no way to contact you than you lose link building opportunity. You can’t afford to lose these type of link building opportunities because they will make your site ranked in the top listings. Many webmasters don’t consider these points but they are very important for beginners. These little mistakes should be kept in mind. Other mistake which webmasters make is that they place links of other sites on the main home page there site. This shouldn’t be done because this drives users direct from your site to another. The solution of this problem is that you should create another page of links on your website. On that page you can place all the links of other sites. This will decrease the chances of users to go to other sites. Correct these mistakes from your site it will give you better SEO as well as targeted traffic with users spending more time on it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Killer Tips Of Getting Traffic

There are many ways of getting traffic to your website. There are mainly two ways of getting traffic the first one is buying traffic and it is one of the quickest way of driving traffic to your website in no time. If you search anything on Google you will see some sponsored links there on the top of the page and as well on the right hand side of the page. These are paid links the webmasters of those sites have paid Google to be ranked in the top listing. This gets lots of traffic to your site because users mainly search information in top listings. If you want to buy traffic than go to Google advertising program and you will get all the details related to advertising with Google, use your credit card it wouldn’t take more than few minutes.
Remember one thing that if you are new at online money making business than don’t use it because you would lose your money. The second way is to get free traffic it is bit difficult but its free of cost you don’t have spend a single penny. To get free traffic you need to have many other sites linking to your one’s. You need to create a page of links on your site and you have to place some links of those sites which are related to your one. After this contact with the webmasters of those sites and let them know that you have placed there link on your website, request them to place your link on there website as well. This will increase your link popularity and you will get a better targeted traffic for free. Concentrate on these killer tips and get off to a good start.

Main Search Engines

Submitting site to main search engines is the most important thing because more than half traffic comes from these search engines. If you are new in online money making business than you should submit to these sites first because they will sent you direct traffic and you will start earning. After uploading content on your site than site submission comes if you will have no content than it’s useless to submit on main search engines. Submitting site on main search engines will enable users to find your site easily. First thing you have to do is to open your site and copy paste the homepage url in the note pad. This will decrease you mistakes in entering url. Than take your browser to is will open the main page of submission. In the url space paste the your copied url and also post a comment under the url. This will finish your site submission at Google. The next main search engine where you have to submit your site is Yahoo just go to the following url and enter you site in the given space and your site will be submitted in Yahoo.
The third search engine where you have to submit your site is bring. Enter your site in the gives space and fill the security code and your site will be submitted. This will end your submission into main search engines and you will get heavy traffic when they are approved form the company. The approval will take some time because they are many other sites which are pending in the submission list. Usually 48 hours is the normal time of submissions approval.

How to get more Diggs?

Many times you have seen difference in your diggs of your story and diggs of other stories which are active on Usually there is a big difference in both of them. Your stories have usually low diggs than the others. If you open right now than you will see many stories written few minutes ago and they have more than 100 diggs you might be thinking that how come this is possible. I will tell you three important ways by which you can get more than 100 diggs in few minutes. This will drive lots of users to your blog or website. The first way is that you should share your story at twitter and facebook because they are biggest social networks. How to share? When you will create a story at than there would be a option of share. Click on that option and you can share your story.
If you have account on other networks like YouTube, coComments than you can also use them to get mote diggs. The second way is to comment on other stories which are live on and they are related to your story. The third and the way is to explain your story in attractive words so that the user get involved in it and visit your website. I have been using these ways from past few years and I have received tons of traffic on my website. Start using these ways and get more diggs on your stories.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Resources to Find Products

Today many of the affiliate marketers don’t have resources to find products which they can sale and earn handsome commission. Now I will tell you some important tips and techniques by which you can find products easily in no time. There are three main sites which will help you in finding hot products which are mostly searched by pure costumers. First site is there is a option of hot category in that category all the top searched item or products are available. You can click on any of them and chose it. Remember that women shoes or jewelries are not searched by there model, they are searched by there size or color.
The second site is named as it is a data based site, It has all the data about the searches. On this site on the left hand side there is a option of zeitgeist archives. It has all the record of searches in the past year. There is another option on the same page of Google trends here you will find all the present searches. The third and the last site is known as here you can check all the popular searches section and see that your product is been searched or not. You can even chose a product form the popular searches section. These tips will make your work easy in finding hot and top product of market which have a good commission on sale and it will save your time as well.

Making Site To Earn Online

If we talk about past years at that time creating a website was quite difficult but today it is very easy because of more competition in the global market this means internet market. Mainly there are two options of creating website one of them is to purchase your domain and hosting. It is very easy own days on internet you can simply buy your domain name by credit card. This process doesn’t takes more than 5 minutes. You can check the availability of the domain name at Only experienced online affiliate workers and webmasters use this way. If you are new is this field than it would be a bit costly to you. The other way of making site will suit you if you are new because its all free. You can make site on blogger this is mostly used by affiliate marketers. If you are new at blogger than follow these points to get start with this.

First you have to create an email address at Gmail for this you can visit and create address there. After this go to and click on the option create blog free now. Bu clicking on this option the site will provide you a form and you have to fill that. Remember one thing that always chose your product name as your domain name in affiliate marketing, this helps a lot in getting top ten ranks in Google and in other search engines. This also improves the chances to sales. If that domain name is not available than add some more words to it e.g if your products name is Honda civic than your domain name should be

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


For joining you should be accurate with your information because once they are submitted than they are not editable in the future. So to avoid mistakes in joining I will provide you the correct method of joining it. In affiliate marketing is known as associate program. They are many different names of affiliate marketing one of them is known as associates program. Open your web browser and visit, scroll the page downwards and there will be a option of join associates click on that option to join its affiliate program. Another window will open and on the right hand side there will be another option of join now for free. This link will take you towards the registration.
There you will find a option where you have to enter your email address. After entering the email the site will provide you a form in that form you have to fill all the required information. Keep one thing in your mind that enter the correct information because it can’t be edited later. Specially be careful in submitting your contact information because it is related to your payment system and it should be 100% original and correct. After all this click on the option finish and your whole process of joining would finish. After finishing you will visit your accounts home page at on the right hand side you will get your payment summary and on the left you will get details about your id.

Uploading content at

Uploading content on Digg seem a bit difficult to some of the users but if once you go through the right process it would be easier for you in the future. I will teach you the right way of uploading content to First of all take your browser to and login your account by clicking on the option login. By entering your username and password you will go to your home page of Digg account. On the top of that page there is a option of submit new click on that option and enter the page url which you want to submit. After this chose the type of media and click on the option continue. After clicking continue enter the title and description about the page which you want to submit. Chose a thumbnail for your story. Last two steps are following, tell Digg that the content you have written is original it is not copied from any other site or blog. After this step your content would be live on and tons of traffic would be coming to your site through that content.

Site Promotion by Digg

You can get massive traffic to your site by using Digg, it is one of the biggest online community where people share there stories. Now days online communities like Digg are mostly used by webmasters to drive traffic to there site. The question is that how to promote your site on Digg to get free traffic. First go to and there is a option of submit new. In that option you can submit your story remember that the story should not be duplicate it should be a real and your own. After writing story there is an option url, enter your sites url there. The page submission on Digg is absolutely free of cost. There are thousands of online visitors available on Digg.
The best thing about is that it gets page indexed in Google in less than 24 hours that a great thing. After submitting story a strong link is created of your site with Digg it increases your link popularity and your ranking gets a great boost. Keep some important points in your mind, never abuse pages because it would lead your account to be banned. Another important point is that don’t submit boring stories of digg because it would be total waste of time for you. So apply all these points on Digg and get tons of traffic to your site daily. It would increase your visitors as well as your daily and monthly earning through internet.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Advantages of Web Stats

There are many sites which provide free stats of your site or blog. These sites are for free they don’t charge a single penny from you. One of the greatest site which provides stats of your site is known is Google Analytics. If you have a account at Google Adsense than it would easier for you to access Google Analytics account because there is already option available there of Google Analytics. If you are not working with Google Adsense than you can create a account at Google Analytics. Its very easy to create account there. After the creation of your account you only will have to copy paste the html code to your site provided by Google Analytics. After all this the Analytics account will provide you the stats of your site daily.
In the stats you will get daily visitors, page views and many thing more related to your site. I have another site also which provides the same service that site is known as If you want to get stats through this site than again you will have to create a account. There are many advantages of getting stats of your site. Stats tell you the visitors per day month or year. You can check promotion of your site or blog from here. You can even check the source of your traffic, check out from where traffic is coming to your site and how much time is a particular user spending on your site. This type of information will help you in promoting your sites and blogs further. So do add stats to your site or blog and start getting free stats per day.

Creating Account and Lens on Squidoo

Squidoo lens is a great way of driving free traffic towards your site or blog. Now days many webmasters are using lens to get fast traffic. Follow these steps to create a squidoo account as well as lens. First of all go to and click on log in after this enter the log in details and you will get your squidoo account. The next step is to create a lens on squidoo. Click on the option create a lens and enter title of your lens after this enter the url of your site and pick up a category of your site or blog. After this enter keywords related to your site. Always select appropriate keywords that match your site or blog. After completing all the steps above, start writing content in your lens and your content should be attractive that its drags users towards your site. To write content click on add modules and pick up the option of add content. If you want to edit your content than click on edit button and you will be able to edit and after all editing click on save, your edition would be saved.
Videos are not necessary for a lens and they don’t matter. Still if you want to add video to your lens than click on add modules and option of uploading video would appear there. Picture plays an important role in your lens always upload that picture which describes your product or it is related to your product, you can also add picture of that particular product. After all these steps click on the option publish. When you will click on this option your lens would be published and you will get free traffic towards your site and this all is free of cost. Keep updating your lens to get improved traffic every month.

Finding Products

In affiliate marketing you will be connected with companies like sony, lg and others. These sites will offer you products and when ever you will sale there product they will give you some commission depending on the price of that particular product. The question remains the same that how to find a product. First of all go to or and pick a product from that site there are many different categories you can chose any type of product. How you will know that how many searches that particular product has. For this purpose Google Adwords keyword tool will help you. Go to Google Adwords keyword tool in the search box enter the product name and you will get the latest information about that product. In that information you will get the searches of that product as well as the competition.
Keep one thing in your mind that always chose a product which has a low competition in the global market. If the product has searches above 500 and the keyword tool shows that it has increased from past month than chose that product. It would be easy to promote that product and it would be sold in few days. From the day of promotion your product would be sold in 7-10 days. Always don’t choose expensive product because sometimes it get hard to promote those types of products. If you are having problem in promoting product than you can check my older posts I have written there how to promote blogs and drive traffic to blog.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Earn Money By Blogs has started the online money making program with the help of Google Adsense because of this program almost all the bloggers are blogging just to earn a handsome income online through internet. If we go back few years when this program wasn’t launched than the number of users were less as compared to present users. Now blogger have started to spend more time on blogging other than anything else because they know that they will be able to earn free online money in no time. Blogging is a free service of creating a webpage and Google Adsense is the main program which gives you money. Both of these things are for free that’s why users love it and they use it. Bloggers only have to display certain ads on there blogs and this action will pay you money when ever a user clicks. provides you a free blog and Google Adsense provides you free ads you only have to promote that blog that it gets as many users and more clicking opportunities. If are having problem is promoting your blog than you can go through my older posts and I’m sure that you will get a good solution. Give most of your time in writing content for your blog because search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn simply love content but the content should be in good quality. If you will write poor quality content than you traffic will decrease as well as your clicks and earning. Write good content and original one. As much as content you will add to your blog your ranking will increase, click and income would also increase in just few days and Google will offer you a good page rank which will prove to your users that your blog is a good one.

Article Submission

Articles are very important for promotion of a site or blog. This point should be taken seriously by the webmasters and also by the online money earners. Articles create a free linking opportunity for the site. Once you place an article on an article directory and after its approval if any user copies it and pastes the article in his or her site, this action will create an link of your site it the other one. As these types of links increase your traffic will increase as well as your ranking in the search engine. This is how articles help in promoting a site or blog. From past few years this point is been ignored by the webmasters because it takes a bit time to write a good article which enables users to copy and paste that article in there site. There are few sites which offer free articles but please stay ways from those sites because those articles are already copied from some other site, so it use less it’s a total waste of time.
Always write article by your own hands don’t copy paste. If you will copy paste an article than your article directory account would be also banned. 100% original articles are approved in 1-2 days. One of the best article directory is Ezine articles. Now days this directory has been ranked the top directory with the most users and most articles. Please keep one thing in your mind that don’t submit one article in more than one directory. If you do than it would be said as a copy paste and your account would be banned. So start writing articles and get your blog promoted.

Increase Google Adsense Income

Each and every webmaster waits to see the increase in its Google Adsense earning. When a webmaster has done lots of hard work to earn online through internet then he or she waits to see the progress as he or she wants. If they don’t see increase in the earning than there hard work would be useless. I have got some important tips and trick and by using those I guarantee you that you will see an increase in your Google Adsense earning. Apply these tips on your site or blog and increase your online income by 40% in just 2-3 days. First of all place Google Adsense ad in the middle of your home page chose the large rectangle ad. This will increase your page views and it will also create click chance. After this concentrate on color of your Google ad always chose the color that matches the background color of your site and it looks like content of your site. This mixes the user and clicks take place.
Many webmasters don’t concentrate on Google ads they place link unit Google ad on the homepage which is useless on home page. Link unit ads are useless because they pay you when two clicks are performed. When a user clicks on link unit ad the amount is not added to your account, some more ads are opened and when the user clicks again on the same ad than amount is added in to your account. This is the disadvantage of link unit ad so stop using these types of ads. Instead of these ads you can place large ads in the middle of the page. Apply these tips on your site and get started with increased Google Adsense income.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Google is a public type company that means that it serves to public. Google is a search engine, its industry is about internet and computer software’s and it has been providing service from nearly 10 years and because of its good service it is been ranked the no.1 search engine in the world. Google was founded in 1998-9 by Sergey M. Brin and Lawrence E. Page. Google is an American company and its head quarters are located in United States. Today Eric E. Schmidt is working as the CEO and Chairman of the company. Other than search engine Google has also provided many other services like online video sharing, online maps, emails, web browsing and online money making program it is known as Google Adsense.
Google’s revenue in the end of 2008 was nearly $21.790 billion and there net income of that same year was $4.225 billion. Today Google is earning most of income through there advertisement, Google is one of the biggest online advertising site. Number of online money makers use Google Advertising program to promote there sites and earn handsome income through internet. Google’s best program is the online money making program because it has enabled users to earn money online through internet and it’s all for free. Some programs do charge money when you start in the beginning but Google doesn’t. Google’s online money making program is named as Google Adsense. Today people are earning more than $100 a day on Google Adsense only by displaying Google ads on there sites. Today 70% of online workers use Google Adsense to earn money online because they know that Google Adsense is the best. So what are you waiting for? Create an account on Google Adsense and start earning money online while sitting at home.

Amazon is a public type company or a public website this means that it’s created for the help of public it is mainly a online shopping mall or website. It was founded in 1994-5 by Jeffrey P. Bezos he is the CEO and President of the company and its main head quarters are located in United States. Today is providing service in the whole world. is the largest online shopping website of United States with the average number of users coming from United States and it as UK’s favorite music and video retailer and overall it was ranked third. Affiliate marketers take number of products from this site. Amazon is among those few website which have nearly all the items.
70% of affiliate marketers use Amazon for searching products. Amazon pays a handsome commission to the affiliate marketers when ever a sale takes place. Comparing to other sites the commission ratio of Amazon is a bit higher. Amazon has helped people a lot in earning money online through internet. If you want to start affiliate marketing than I would suggest you to use In the year 2008 earned $19.160 billion this shows the progress ff this site and the net income of was $640 million. Amazon has also employed number of people it was calculated that in 2008 Amazon employed 20,000 people. Now days is planning to set up a headquarters at the South Lake Union. This will employ more people and there progress will also increase as well as the income and users.

5 ways to promote blog

Promotion of blog is getting harder day by day because blogging competition is also increasing. Numbers of webmasters are creating blogs only for making money online by displaying ads on them. Other normal users create blog in leisure time in other words it’s just a time pass for them there goal is not to earn money by that blog. So that means normal users don’t create competition in blogging industry but expert and professional webmasters do create. If we take ratio between webmasters and normal users than normal users ratio would be quite low as compared to webmasters, 80% of blogs belong to webmasters and the remaining 20% belong to normal users.
I have got 5 simple ways to promote a blog in no time. These tips are for both webmasters and normal users. First one is to submit for blog to those sites which are especially created for blog promotion some of them are named as Problogger, Blogged and Blogcatalog. Once your blog is submitted in these sites you will get a boost of traffic towards your blog. Second way is to take part in the discussions which are held on the sites mentioned above and don’t forget to join groups. The Third way is to follow blogs which are related to your ones, blog will be available on the sites mentioned above by this other will also follow your blog. The fourth ways is to comment and write reviews on other blogs and don’t forget to write your blogs link the comment because it will create a link to your blog and the fifth way is to be in touch with those sites because as the time will go on you will get more traffic

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yahoo Inc.

Yahoo is also similar site like Google and MSN it is also a search engine. Yahoo has its headquarters in United States. Yahoo was launched in 1995-6 and in the same year domain Yahoo was registered. Carol Bartz is now the CEO of Yahoo Inc. Other important people of Yahoo Inc. are named as Roy J. Bostock who is the Chairman of the company; Jerry Yang and David Filo are the co- founders of the company. Yahoo has earned a lot in recent years its revenue in 2008 was nearly $ 7 billion. Yahoo was also employed many people living in different parts of the world, by 2008 Yahoo employed more than 13,000 people. As they are employing more people day by day there monthly income is also increasing. Yahoo is ranked among top 5 sites in the world. Other than web browsing or search engine Yahoo has also provided many other services they are named as Yahoo chat, Yahoo messenger, Yahoo videos, Yahoo News, Yahoo directory, Yahoo maps and Yahoo advertising.
These all programs and services were launched for the help for users. In May 2009 Yahoo was named the second biggest site with the most number of users. Yahoo has also invented a online money making program where webmasters can earn money online. If we talk about online money making programs ratio than 15-20% people use Yahoo online money making program. Yahoo Inc. is improving day by day and it will be better search engine in future as it is in the present.


MSN stands for The Microsoft Network. MSN was launched in 1994-5 with Windows 95 and the owner of this program is Microsoft. Mainly MSN is a search engine where you can search information. Now days Alexa ranking of MSN has moved up to 6 this means that it world’s 6th biggest site with the most number of active users. MSN has been providing this service from more than 13 years and it has gained lots of traffic. After Google and Yahoo, MSN has got the highest number to searches and users. MSN is still providing dial up internet service in some countries like United States and Canada and still it is the second biggest dial up service provider in United States. The leader of dial up internet service is still AOL which had 11 million subscribers in the end of 2007. MSN started its on site in 1998 which was named as this site contains all things related to MSN.
Many anti-viruses were created by MSN just to help its users in web browsing and until now there anti-viruses have done well. Many other services are also provided by MSN such as hotmail, msn messenger, msn explorer, msn chat, msn videos, msn groups and msn live. Other than these programs it has also launched online money making program which enables users to earn online. It is a type of extra income for the users. Only because of there good service it is been used all over the world today. MSN is now planning to launch some other new programs which will be helpful for the community in present and for the future.


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