Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Data entry and Other

Data entry is money making project this enables users to earn money by working at home. It is different from Google Adsense and other online money making programs. In data entry you have to enter the given data is some files or folders. For doing this work the project owner pays the worker according to the work and hourly rate. The rates and prices are set before the project is started by the worker. Some sites are published which provide data entry work and many other working opportunities. This decreases un-employment and more people and internet users are able to work at home. In data entry work the workers in other words are called freelancers. Data entry requires focus, experience, concentration, hard work and some find the work exhausting and even challenging to the body. Some big site which provides this work is named as Getafreelancer.com and Scriplance.com these sites have got many users and lots of work for the users.
These sites have a fee which is deduced from the freelancers and project owners when a project bid is won by a freelancer. The rest of the amount is paid by the project owner when the project is completed. Rentacoder.com is also a similar site but not popular as the other two listed above. These sites have other work also e.g. accounting, photo, link building, writing, blogging, wordpress, marketing and many others. So it depends on you that in which of these fields are you qualified and are able to work. Freelancers need to be qualified in many fields to earn a handsome income because there is not only one type of project. The most important thing which is noticed by the project owner is that the freelancer is punctual or not because the owner wants the project in the given time and this is also decided when project is won by a freelancer. Winning and losing of a project is totally based on biding the lower you bid the more you win. If a freelancer doesn’t submits the project in the given time than the project is canceled by the owner and it gives a bad rank in the freelancers list.
In future it creates a problem in getting the project if you have a low rank or bad reviews. To get a project early bid lower and work hard on the project which adds experience and good reviews to your account. Afterwards you will get better project because of good reviews and than it won’t matter that how much you bid. Then the project owner or provider will pay you as much you want for the project. In Getafreelancer.com there is a number of bids which you can post they are nearly 15 bids per month for a normal freelancer but if you are a golden member than you can bid on more than 160 projects. You only have to pay $12 per month to get golden membership.


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