Friday, October 2, 2009

5 ways to promote blog

Promotion of blog is getting harder day by day because blogging competition is also increasing. Numbers of webmasters are creating blogs only for making money online by displaying ads on them. Other normal users create blog in leisure time in other words it’s just a time pass for them there goal is not to earn money by that blog. So that means normal users don’t create competition in blogging industry but expert and professional webmasters do create. If we take ratio between webmasters and normal users than normal users ratio would be quite low as compared to webmasters, 80% of blogs belong to webmasters and the remaining 20% belong to normal users.
I have got 5 simple ways to promote a blog in no time. These tips are for both webmasters and normal users. First one is to submit for blog to those sites which are especially created for blog promotion some of them are named as Problogger, Blogged and Blogcatalog. Once your blog is submitted in these sites you will get a boost of traffic towards your blog. Second way is to take part in the discussions which are held on the sites mentioned above and don’t forget to join groups. The Third way is to follow blogs which are related to your ones, blog will be available on the sites mentioned above by this other will also follow your blog. The fourth ways is to comment and write reviews on other blogs and don’t forget to write your blogs link the comment because it will create a link to your blog and the fifth way is to be in touch with those sites because as the time will go on you will get more traffic

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