Friday, September 4, 2009

Online forums and Social sites

Online forums and social sites are basically formed for online discussion between people. There you can help each other in finding solution of a problem. Online forums and social sites both are very similar to each other because they have same work. Each and every user there has an answer or a question related to some topic. These sites don’t have only one topic to be discussed but keep this thing in mind that don’t discuss topics like drugs and nude things otherwise you can discuss anything you want its up to you. Each and every topic is discussed there every day and night. If you are a web master than these websites will help you a lot in bringing traffic to your website.
Social sites and online forums have great number of users because everyone has problems and they come here to discussion them to get a good solution. Webmasters can visit these sites and get solution of their problem e.g. he is having problem in driving traffic to website. This topic will be discussed among the users and they will tell you the right solution for this problem. There are many experienced users in online forums and there advice can change your problem into a solution in just few seconds. Basically it is a group discussion among all the users to find a perfect solution. All you have to do is to post a message on the board and as the users view them they will reply on them.
Sometimes posting messages can be turned into advertisement. You can give your sites url in the message and users view your sites, so by advertisement your number of traffic also increases. Post a attractive message on the board which drags users towards your site. Write eye catching captions, titles and description. Some online discussion boards allow you to leave text and graphic links at the end of your messages this is a good way of bringing traffic.
There are three types of messages which can be posted they are named as informative comments, ask question and answer question. Each and every thing on these sites are for free they don’t charge a single penny for there service. One of such site which I know is It’s a great site it is especially designed for web masters you can find lots of SEO tools and important tips. Online discussion is its best thing user’s reply on messages in blink of an eye. You can check you page rank, alexa ranking, back links, adsense calculator, available domains and many more.

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