Saturday, September 5, 2009

Targeted Traffic and Random

Traffic is the most important thing for a website because without traffic a website can’t run. Websites and blogs only run with the help of traffic and this enables them to earn a handsome income. There are two types of traffic they are named as targeted traffic and random traffic. E.g. If you have a website related to cars and bike than you require traffic which is finding information about cars and bike because they will only spend time in your website or blog and this will earn you some dollars. This is called targeted traffic in this users get what they want. How to get targeted traffic? Submit your site or blog to those categories in which they fall. Categories should be accurate and matching with your site or blog e.g. for cars and bike site the accurate category is automotive.
Write content on your site which is related to your main topic of website e.g. in cars and bikes website you can write about engines, brakes and tires. Related content will only bring targeted traffic to your site or blog. The other traffic is random traffic. Random traffic is which comes to your site randomly they were not searching for your site but they visit your site randomly. These type of incidents take place when you submit your site of many different categories. E.g. you have a site related to furniture and if you submit your site to automotive category than random traffic would come to your site.
This is the main difference between random traffic and targeted traffic. If there are 10 users of random traffic and 2 users of targeted traffic even than the number of targeted traffic is better because those 2 users will spend time on your site and the random ones will not because they haven’t been searching for your site. As the targeted traffic spends time on site they also click on your ads which increase your income. So keep one thing in mind that focus on targeted traffic rather than random.

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